About Louis Van Huyssteen Tennis Academy

The Louis Van Huyssteen Tennis Academy, founded by Louis van Huyssteen more than 20 years ago, established itself to become one of the most prestigious and respected Tennis Academies in the Gauteng area. Our Academy has been successfully coaching generations of enthusiastic Beginner tennis players through to competitive High Performance players over this time.

As a Tennis South Africa (TSA) Qualified Professional Tennis Coach, Louis van Huyssteen successfully completed the National Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Instructor courses as well as all Professional coaching levels. Louis van Huyssteen is a former No 1 U/18 Jnr player in South Africa, highly ranked USA Collegian player and former professional tennis player on the ATP Tour. Under his leadership our Academy further boasts a great team of qualified, experienced, passionate and dedicated coaches who have worked together to produces many Provincial tennis players as well as several SA team players and ITF world ranked players.

LVH Tennis Academy is well-known for its unique, joyful and fun beginner coaching style which focuses on the correct technique from the start. Many of the beginner players have therefore acquired a love for the game and have become High Performance tournament players. For our High Performance players the academy offers specialised private coaching and squads, annual tournaments and organises guided tours to compete in TSA National ranking tennis tournaments.
LVH Tennis Academy is also proud to be the sole Coaching Academy for King David Sandton (KDS) for over 20 years. Under our guidance King David Sandton School have become one of the most respected and best performing Primary School tennis teams in South Africa, qualifying and participating in the Sun City prestigious Top Primary Schools Tennis Tournament. KDS has further won the Gauteng league for more than 12 years and also won the South African championships.

We aim to provide our players with individualised programmes and see steady progress technically, tactically, physically, and mentally while also seeing personal growth through character development and life skills. To achieve this, our teaching extends beyond the court. We aim to make young people more independent and teach them about hard work and the meaning of sacrifice.

Our players are given the opportunity to develop to their full potential and hopefully become world class tennis champions, showcasing their talent at regional-national levels and beyond. We are in the business of Fulfilling Tennis Dreams…